ABRET Announces New Skill Assessment Pathway

ABRET announces a new skill assessment available in Fall 2019 to prepare for a new EEG eligibility pathway. The new pathway will open in 2020 and will be called the Practice Track. This EEG Eligibility Pathway will recognize and value work experience.  The Practice Track will accommodate candidates who may not have attended a neurodiagnostic training program but have at least four years of experience in clinical EEG.

This track was created to give working technologists the opportunity to take boards, to keep technologists in the field by recognizing their experience, and to support the workforce. A skill-based assessment of measurement for electrode placement will be a pre-requisite for the new pathway. This pathway and skill assessment are being added based on concerns expressed by technologists in the field, the ABRET Board of Directors, and eligibility petitions.


The skill-based assessment will establish the ability of technologists to measure accurately prior to being awarded credentials. The expectations for safe and effective performance of this task are outlined in the 2018 EEG Practice Analysis, Domain II, T-1, and T-5. This will be an evaluation of 10/20 measuring skills, not electrode placement. Once passed, this pre-requisite assessment will satisfy the requirement for two years.

The candidate is expected to completely measure the (Sam) mannequin head according to the International 10-20 System of Electrode Placement within 30 minutes, and obtain electrode placement measurement values with symmetry of homologous and corresponding areas within 1cm.

  • The first session will be held in conjunction with the Southern Society of Neurodiagnostic Technologists in Nashville on Saturday, November 9
  • Candidates may select from the time slots available
  • All supplies will be provided
  • Candidates will be notified of their results and may opt to retest the same day
  • Session one: $20. Same day retake session: $10
  • Measurement Assessment sessions will be available regionally throughout the year

FAQs, additional dates and locations, eligibility requirements, as well as on online application will be available on the ABRET website the week of September 16. 

In 2020, EEG and EP Pathway I, CAAHEP graduates, will be required to submit documentation of EEGs/EPs performed during or after their program.

Find out more at ABRET.com.