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Spring 2012 Update

Historical Committee

Submitted By-Connie Kubiak, Chair

Since we last met in September 2012, I have been working with Carol Bonar (ASET Photographer) to get copies of pictures of MSET members she may have.

Carol has sent me several pictures and continues to look for more.  I would share them with you…but…they need to be a surprise. I have also contacted CSET to see if they may have any they can share.

I have requested the Board, and several other MSET members, Michigan Hospitals and schools to provide information on their facility, business, Lab start up, experiences, training, equipment, procedures performed, department development, etc.  I would like to compile as much info as possible to highlight local facility labs and Techs.  I think the Board should be first to submit their survey.  I have a questionnaire and have attached a copy here for distribution. I am hoping Kasey can add this report and the survey to the web site.

I have also requested donations and/or items to loan or copy for us to display.

Please assist me by spreading the word and help to make this display “one to remember”..Anyone got any old equipment??

See all of you in the Fall.

Winter 2011 Update

Hello fellow MSET Members-

Now that the Holiday Season is complete, it’s time to get back to work. »»

September 2010

Since our last board meeting in the Spring of 2010 »»