Elections 2019

Voting for MSET Board of Directors from Nov 15 – Nov 30, election results will be announced by Dec 15. All active and student MSET members are eligible to vote for the candidate of their choice to best advance MSET’s Mission of providing quality and affordable educational opportunities throughout the State of Michigan.

The following positions are on the ballot: President, Secretary/Treasurer, and two Board Members. You may vote for president, one of the two secretary/treasurer candidates, and up to two board members. 

To vote, click on the photo of the candidate of your choice, a green check mark will appear with your selection. Fill in your name and email address at the bottom of the page, then click submit. 

If you wish to modify your selection prior to submitting just refresh the page (Ctrl + F5), this will clear the green check marks. 

MSET Officer Candidates

I am currently President of MSET and would like to continue working for MSET. There is a need to ensure that all technologists, from those starting in the field to more experience technologists, are kept well informed about the Neurodiagnostic field. It would be my mission to keep the costs reasonable so everyone has opportunities to attend seminars.
I am a past member of the MSET Board of Directors and graduated from Alpha Neuroscience Institute in 2012 with Honors. I have been growing and expanding my knowledge in multiple areas of neurodiagnostics including EEG, ICU, NCS, EP, IOM, LTM, and TCDs. I currently hold a full-time position in Neurodiagnostic Technology at Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor. Past work experience includes EEG/EMG technologist at Henry Ford Hospital, and Lead Technologist for a private practice neurology clinic. If elected, I will work to encourage and improve access to continuing education through webinars and local MSET conferences. I was given the opportunity to work with a great teacher that influenced me to be the way I am. She took me under her wings and taught me all of her lifetime skills. It is my turn to take my experience, and share everything I can with others. I love to motivate other technologists by giving them great confidence to go out and provide the best patient care possible.
I am an active MSET Board Member since early this year and have 24 years of healthcare experience. I earned a bachelor's degree in radiologic technology from Cebu Doctors College, Philippines and worked as an x-ray technologist from 1995 to 1999. I've worked in the neurodiagnostic field for the past 20 years and as a lead technologist at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak for the past three years. As a current MSET Board Member I work to promote MSETs social media presence through Facebook and have assisted in promoting and supporting recruitment of new members. I was also a presenter at the MSET Fall Conference in Oct. 2019. I continuously strive in advancement of the professional development of others as well as my own. Contributions if elected: I am sincerely invested and devoted to the continuing success of MSET and to keep providing affordable and low cost educational opportunities to others. I'm looking forward to expanding my role within MSET and facilitate involvement of other neurodiagnostic techs through committee participation while striving for a strong organization. We are privileged to work in a field where continuing education is encouraged and available. I strongly believe that all neurodiagnostic technologists should continuously engage in the pursuit to higher learning and professional growth and MSET is a instrument for that service.

MSET Board of Director Candidates

(may select up to two candidates)
I recently graduated from the Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist Program at Carnegie Institute and served as a student board member for MSET. I grew up in Minnesota and recently moved to Michigan to pursue a career in neurodiagnostics. My initial career was in the construction industry. I have degrees in Architectural Drafting and Building Technology, Carpentry, Concrete Masonry, Construction Site Supervisory Management. I worked as a bricklayer for 5 years before I sustained a traumatic brain injury while curling and was unable to work for two years. I fully recovered but was unable to return to work as a bricklayer. Since my TBI I have become fascinated with the brain and this experience has motivated me to pursue a career in neurodiagnostics. I am currently a pediatric EEG technologist at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, University of Michigan/Michigan Medicine. While attending Alexandria Technical and Community College I was a tutor as well as a student member and president of the National Association of Home Builders Chapter in Alexandria, MN. Our chapter did volunteer work, i.e., fish house and play house builds. We competed in the Nationwide NAHB Competition in which we took fourth place out of 21 schools. I was the president of the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers MN/ND Local 1 WBAC, Women of the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, Chapter. I helped start and run our local chapter. I organized networking and educational events for WBAC members to attend. I would be honored to serve the MSET chapter as a board member. MSET offers its members the opportunity to network with fellow technologists along with learning from the top professionals in the neurology field. I feel I would be a great asset to this organization based on my previous work with professional organizations. I am very excited about this opportunity of serving our MSET organization.
I am currently a tech at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, MI and also working at Lansing Community College as a Lab Instructor for their Neurodiagnostic Technology program. I am new to the field, having just graduated in May 2019. Prior to returning to school to study neurodiagnostics I was a teacher's aide at an elementary school. I also received a bachelors in psychology from Michigan State University. If elected I would like to help MSET continue to provide affordable continuing education credits locally.
I started my neurodiagnostic career four years ago with Spectrum Health with training in Phase II, Ictal SPECT, ECOGs, and CEEG. With everything I learned while I was there I was able to get my R. EEG T. and CLTM. Currently I am the LTM shift supervisor for Neurotech. I think I can bring my creativity to MSET. I am bilingual and consider myself a decent artist, which could help with MSET's social media or poster/media production.
Renee is the manager of the Henry Ford Health System Neurophysiology Program. Renee’ oversees many modalities including EEG, EMU, MEG, IONM, TCD, EP and EMG at most all of the HF locations. Renee’ is blessed with managing more than 46 fantastic technologists. The most enjoyable feature of her position is enhancing career development thru tech education, experiences and opportunities. She expressed that creating a work/life balance for her techs is a high priority. Renee’ finds that her position is extremely enjoyable and rewarding. She describes her techs as an amazing group of professional, intelligent, compassionate and hard working individuals that really care about their patients and each other. Before taking on responsibilities at HFHS, Renee’ worked as an EEG/cardio tech and then onto neurophysiology supervisor at Beaumont Grosse Pointe. She worked there for 23 years. One of the many highlights of her career at Beaumont was the development of a three bed EMU. Renee’ is a graduate of the ASET Leadership academy. She is also a board member of the Carnegie Institute ENDT program development team. Renee’ loves to network with epilepsy physicians and technologists. “The EEG world is small and we need to reach out to each other to share ideas and solve issues”. Renee’ also really enjoys attending and organizing educational events. She was on the MSET board a few years ago and would like to get more active with the organization. Thank you for your consideration.
I am a registered EEG technologist working at Beaumont Health. I graduated from Carnegie Institute in September, 2018 and was offered this position right after graduation. I passed my registry exam last fall as well. I moved to the USA in 2012 with zero experience in medical field. I worked in Accounting for 5 years, and never thought I would work in the field of medicine. I had been working at Beaumont for 4 years before starting school and being around patients every day made me a better, loving and caring person which is what prompted me to go back to school. I love my job and I have never regretted my decision to make the move into neurodiagnostics. I love the passion I have for my career and my daughters and my husband have been my inspiration and strength to move forward. I consider myself lucky to have met the right people at the right moment to help me grow in my career. I would like to have an opportunity to join MSET as a board member so that I can share my passion and energy with all EEG Technologists in Michigan.
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