Program Committee

Fall 2010

The Annual Fall MSET Conference was held at St. Mary’s Health Education Center in Saginaw, Michigan on September 24, 2010. We had a record number of registrants with 92 people in attendance! We saw many new faces and it sure was good to see our old friends again too. A diverse line-up of topics geared to both entry level and advanced technologists was presented to provide an engaging educational experience for all. Six (6) ACE continuing education credits were awarded for the program by the American Society of Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists (ASET).

The day began with a continental breakfast of fresh fruit & pastries and plenty of time to network and connect with others in our profession. The first speaker was Margaret Barkowski, Ph. D. who spoke on Freudian Dream Analysis. Then Kent Rice, D. ABNM from Biotronic Neuronetwork presented a wonderful overview on Neuroanatomy & Physiology. This was followed by Gary Dunbar, Ph D. who spoke on Huntington Disease and Sleep Disorders, very informative and enlightening. Eileen Hyde did a great job in helping us all to understand how to identify epileptic seizures in her talk on Epileptic vs. Psychogenic Seizures. The video clips she presented demonstrated the difference in a visual manner that won’t be soon forgotten.

The afternoon Neurodiagnostic & Polysomnography breakout sessions were informative, interactive, and fun. Donna Jacobs and Liz Fischetti presented a fun and lively EEG Pattern Recognition bingo game. Connie Kubiak gave us an update on EEG concepts and standard recording guidelines. Brian Nichols gave a great presentation on the Fundamentals of Evoked Potentials and Dr. Hasegawa spoke on Gamma Rhythm Utilization in EEG Recordings.

The PSG Section had plenty to offer also; Comorbitity in Sleep Apnea by Jason Gonczar and Challenges of CPAP Compliance was presented by Doris Allen. Greg Miller did a wonderful job of capping it all off of with an enlightening and lively session of PSG Record Review.

The Business Meeting was held following a delicious lunch in which we accomplished a lot in just 30 minutes. The membership unanimously approved the revisions to the By Laws and voted to change the election format to include the option of voting electronically (e-mail, member login, etc.). MSET board members were introduced to the membership and they each presented a report on their respective committees.

Mary Harvey announced the MSET membership fee will be a nominal fee of just $20.00 again for 2011 and $10.00 for students currently enrolled in a formal program; member benefits include discounted registration for all meetings throughout the year. The 2011 conference schedule will include a late spring meeting in Petoskey and an additional early spring meeting in Kalamazoo. The annual fall conference will be held on September 23, 2011 at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Saginaw (mark your calendars).

As Secretary/Treasurer, Greg Miller has obviously been very busy compiling a comprehensive database of our 86 active MSET members. Keeping tabs on all of the registrations, phone calls, e-mails, membership applications, etc. takes a lot of organizational skills. Thanks Greg, job well done!

Chairman of the Historical Committee, Connie Kubiak made us feel both nostalgic and humbled at the accomplishments and achievements MSET has made over the past 37 years. She has compiled quite a collection of newsletters, articles, and historical data that is impressive. Thanks Connie!

Donna Jacobs revealed the newly designed MSET website ( to the membership. She has done a fantastic job of compiling numerous links to websites that we can now access links to information on Neurology; Electroneurodiagnostics; Intraoperative Monitoring; Polysomnography; and Nerve Conduction Studies. Donna has also established a “Members Only” section for MSET members to access the handouts to upcoming and past educational meetings. This will greatly assist in our “green” initiative by reducing paper waste and also result in a substantial savings with printing costs.

Matt Pavlovich, chair of the Verne Hulce Scholarship Committee informed the membership of the scholarship eligibility requirements. This annual grant is awarded to an active MSET member for the purpose of pursuing education in the field of electroneurodiagnostics.  This unique scholarship is awarded in memory of Verne Hulce, Ph. D. who regarded education as a never-ending quest and was a huge supporter of MSET’s vision of providing educational opportunities. Matt asked for nominations to the Board for the 2011-2013 terms, nomination forms are available at

Liz Fischetti, chairman of the Training and Education Committee proposed collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation of America; she discussed options of training technologists to become facilitators for this organization.


Mary Harvey, MSET President-Elect
Program Committee Chair