President’s Letter 2012

January 2012

The start of each year seems to prompt a slew of resolutions, commitments, and initiatives to eliminate the behaviors preventing us from achieving self-actualization. Well… as I dislike admitting to failure I resolved many years ago to never make another New Year’s resolution, especially one that is doomed to fail. My rationale has as much to do with my distaste for failure as my admittedly long list of deficiencies and inadequacies; I couldn’t possibly accomplish so much change in just one day.

Each new day provides us a renewed opportunity to make a difference through our communication, choices, attitude, and actions. This year allows me 366 opportunities to spend a few more minutes with my children as I tuck them into bed; savor each moment with my elderly parents; appreciate my husband; volunteer; reconnect with an old friend… make a new one; listen more… talk less; pay it forward; expect less… give more; compliment more… criticize less; gain knowledge… lose misconceptions; practice tolerance and respect; accomplish more… ponder less; sleep more… clean less. Surely, far too many character enhancements to make in just one day!

I especially am looking forward to 2012 and my fulfilling my responsibilities to the membership in this final year of my tenure as MSET President. My overall goal is to make a positive impact on the future growth and continued success of our organization. I appreciate the support of the membership and especially the Board of Directors for their service and contributions of time, energy, and talent. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” by Margaret Mead.

Just to name a few accomplishments we’ve made over the past couple years:

  1. Website launch –
  2. Online payment option
  3. Online conference registration
  4. Bylaws revision
  5. Delineation of committee responsibilities
  6. Formation of Historical Committee
  7. Sponsorship program
  8. Conferences in the north, west, and mideast portions of Michigan
  9. Collaboration with national societies
  10. Facebook and Linkedin profiles
  11. Nominations and elections
  12. Membership growth and retention

Yes, we’ve accomplished much but we’ve only just begun. Plans are currently underway for the Spring 2012 MSET Meeting which will be held in southeast lower Michigan. The Annual Fall Conference will again be in Saginaw at St. Mary’s of Michigan. 2013 is a monumental year in that MSET will be celebrating 40 years of providing affordable neurodiagnostic educational opportunities. Plans are already underway for a two-day conference with special guest speakers, social event, cutting edge neuroscience, neurodiagnostic and polysomnography topics, officers reunion, lecture/workshop educational format, reunion, and inviting our neighboring state society members in Indiana and Illinois.

Elections were held last fall, thanks to all who voted… your input really does count. Congratulations to Donna Jacob, MSET President-Elect. Donna has been an active MSET member for several years, served on the Board of Directors, Website Committee Chair, and hosted the Spring Conference in Kalamazoo in 2011. She brings to this position her energy, enthusiasm, and a keen vision for propelling MSET into the future. Liz Fischetti was reelected to another two-year term and welcome to Brian Carlton, our newest board member. We look forward to your contributions of talent and knowledge and appreciate your commitment to our organization. Many thanks also to veteran board members Greg Miller, Eileen Hyde, and Kasey Fox; your continued efforts and enthusiasm are… priceless.

Lastly, thanks to Connie Kubiak for all you’ve done throughout the years in your support and dedication to MSET. Where to begin? Mentor, teacher, friend, supporter, leader, role model, advisor, and consummate MSET champion. Looking forward to your continued contributions to MSET as Chair of the Verne Hulce Award and Historical Committees. If you happen to drop by St. Mary’s Neurodiagnostics, don’t be surprised if you hear one of the techs blurt out “WWCT” when faced with a “what’s the right thing to do” EEG case scenario? That folks… is what I would call “making a difference.”


Mary Harvey, MSET President