Letter from the MSET President

Elizabeth Fischetti

Fall 2017 MSET Newsletter

I’m writing this on the heels of the MSET Annual Fall Conference held at Henry Ford Hospital in West Bloomfield, feeling as if we just won the American League Pennant and am really pleased with the big WIN. 2017 has been a phenomenal year for MSET with two successful meetings providing the opportunity to earn 11.5 ASET continuing education credits to more than 140 people. We are truly fortunate to have had so many neurologists and fellow neurodiagnostic technologists willing to speak and share their knowledge in multiple areas of interest. The MSET membership has also grown and we currently have 74 active members, that’s more than we’ve had in nearly ten years!

During the annual business meeting we received really good feedback regarding alternative options to earn continuing education credits in addition to our annual meetings. I reached out to ASET this morning and think that offering webinars and/or evening educational opportunities should work out. Of course, will have to apply for CEUs and offer speaker honorariums so the registration for these events will be what makes it financially possible. The Board will hopefully be able to begin planning and putting your ideas to work soon. Also, I mentioned that we all need to step up to the plate. We get requests for presentations on topics other than EEG, those of you that do IOM, EP, EMG/NCS, MEG please consider sharing your knowledge with others. 

Speaking of the board, I was floored by the number of nominations received on Saturday. It’s great to see so many members take interest in our organization. We have so much talent and enthusiasm among our ranks. If you have not yet submitted your nomination, please do so Oct. 31 (nomination form attached). Elections for MSET Board Members are being held Nov 15 – Nov 30, results announced by December 15. All active MSET members are eligible to cast their vote.

Years ago, when I was searching for continuing education and help with EEG board prep I came across MSET.  I reached out to Connie Kubiak, who was president at the time and the next think I know I was headed off to my first MSET meeting in Traverse City AND speaking at it. I still don’t know how she talked me into that but I stepped up to the plate, I didn’t want to, I was terrified, but I did it anyway. Then I met Mary Harvey and Greg Miller. To me, Connie, Mary and Greg are MSET.  They have kept this organization going when no one had the interest nor took the time to keep it afloat.  For many years they have devoted their time and talents to furthering the mission of providing affordable educational opportunities to neurodiagnostic technologists.  There isn’t any financial incentive for board members but volunteering helps foster a sense of pride in helping others and also reap the benefit of making lifelong friends. My presidency will not to go down in history, I am not one to bang the gavel, but I am so very proud of having the opportunity to serve my fellow neurodiagnostic technologists by bringing together a spring and fall meeting each year. I am also grateful to have made so many friends from all over the State and across the country during my tenure.  And let me not forget fellow board members,  Eileen Hyde, Renee Krebs, Rony Aouad, Mallory Schmidt and Bina Vashee.  All of these people have worked hard behind the scenes preparing for our conferences. 

One of the best parts of the day on Saturday was talking with two former Carnegie students.  I worked with them at Carnegie this time last year, it was early in their course and they were still struggling with measuring and marking heads for EEGs. I told them to look back one year and see how far they’ve come. They are now both working at Henry Ford and reveling in all the excitement of a Neurodiagnostic department in a big hospital. They are proud of themselves and looking to all of you veterans to welcome and mentor them. Don’t let them down, step up to the plate!

A special thank you to Mary Harvey who really took me under her wing as a former past president when our recent past president was unable to fulfill the duties. Mary was my “go to” person and was always patient and very helpful to me. On top of that, she continues to monitor our website and all that comes with it!

So, in keeping with my corny baseball theme, SPRING TRAINING (spring meeting) is just around the corner.  Please reach out to me ASAP if you would like to host.  Planning phase starts now.  If I don’t hear from anyone I will hold it here at Troy Beaumont.  We can use the smaller classrooms if needed as some people found the big auditorium not quite so “cozy.” 

Please feel free to reach out to me at elizabeth.fischetti@beaumont.org or call me at 248-964-8549.

With gratitude to the membership,

Liz Fischetti, R. EEG T.

MSET President