Elections 2017

Elections for the MSET Board of Directors is open through Nov 30, results will be announced by December 15. 

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The nominees for MSET President are:  Eileen Hyde and Mallory Schmidt. 

Eileen Hyde, BS, R. EEG T., CLTM, CNIM

Skills and Expertise:  Full-time position in the field. Prior instructor at Alpha Neuroscience Institute and Carnegie Institute. Employed in the field since the 70’s. Presented at several MSET meetings and have served for the past eight years on the MSET Board of Directors. My primary interest is long term EEG monitoring in the EMU and ICU settings. Would like to help make continuing education through MSET affordable and interesting for all technologists.

Contributions if elected:  I would like to continue MSET’s goal to provide informative and reasonable seminars for continuing education. I would also like to encourage the membership at all levels to become more active in MSET to help provide more opportunities for education, such as webinars and workshops. MSET also needs to consider becoming a charter member of ASET which will enable more resources available to MSET.

Mallory Schmidt, BS, R. EEG T.

Skills and Expertise: I’m currently a MSET Board Member and have 11 years of healthcare experience, seven years in a variety of not so glorious roles but the past four years am very happy working as an R EEG. T.  Transitioning through multiple job roles within the same organization has allowed me to develop a comprehensive perspective of how roles, policies, and processes combine to create a healthy entity. I have developed training classes, am a preceptor for new staff, and created a journal club at my workplace to keep abreast of current developments and research in neurodiagnostics. 

Contributions if elected:  I am sincerely invested in the sustained success of MSET to provide affordable educational opportunities. I’m seeking to expand my role within MSET and facilitate involvement of technologists through committee participation thereby strengthening the organization as a whole. During my current term I have grown MSETs social media presence through Facebook and Twitter and would like to investigate additional platforms to connect and network with other technologists. We’re privileged to work in a field where continuing education is encouraged and available.  I believe passionately that all technologists should be perpetually engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and professional development and MSET is a great tool to help.

Nominees for MSET Board Members are: Tania Allen, Brian Galdis, Laura Ronse, and Kerri Wright.

Tania Allen, R. EEG T.

Skills and Expertise:  I am currently the Lead technician in the EMU at Henry Ford Hospital. Prior to this, I was the Lead EEG/EMU technician at Beaumont Royal Oak for five years. I have been in this field since 2003 and have had the pleasure of working and training at several different health institutions over the years. Children’s Hospital, St. John’s and Pontiac Osteopathic to name a few. I spent most of my career at Henry Ford main campus where I gained the bulk of my knowledge and training. I feel that my experience has allowed me to learn from many different amazing professionals in our field.

Contributions if elected: I feel blessed to have met some amazing people that have helped me grow in my career. I love to give back!  I have a passion for teaching and training others in a gentle comfortable way that fosters confidence and personal and professional growth. I love to see others develop the same passion I have for protecting our patients.

Brian Galdis, BS, R. EEG T., CLTM

Skills and Expertise:  Lead EEG Technologist at Spectrum Health System in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Contributions if elected: I have a strong desire to help move the neurodiagnostic profession forward in a positive way both locally and nationally. I’ve worked hard to implement positive change with my amazing staff at our health care system. Been very involved in ASET over past few years and have given two presentations, two poster presentation, and served on the Research Committee. I would love to use those experiences to help everyone within our State advance their careers.

Laura Ronse, R. EEG T.

Skills and Expertise: I have 40 years of experience in the neurodiagnostic field working as a technologist, supervisor, manager, and educator. I’ve worked at Carnegie Institute as an instructor and Clinical Site Coordinator for 11 years. Have also been on the Training and Education Committee of MSET in the past and an associate examiner for ABRET.  I have been actively involved in the training and education of neurodiagnostic technologists throughout my career and will always be committed to this process.

Contributions if elected: My goal if elected to the MSET Board would be to further the MSET Mission of helping to provide affordable continuing educational opportunities to neurodiagnostic technologists within the State of Michigan.

Kerri Wright, R. EEG T.

Skills and Expertise: I’ve been lucky enough to have graduated from Carnegie in September of 2011 and became a registered EEG technologist in July 2013. Since that time, have tried to soak up as much knowledge as possible.One of these ways has been attending some of the MSET conferences over the past few years. I would love to be a part of putting that teaching atmosphere into future conferences. I enjoy all the different responsibilities and tasks my job has to offer but definitely love the patient and family relationships I get to experience every day the most.

Contributions if elected: I would enjoy the opportunity to make a contribution to this organization and would hope to offer some good ideas for all our fellow technologists to learn and grow from.


Shawn McBee, R. EEG T.

Skills and Expertise: I graduated form Carnegie Institute and have worked for Henry Ford Health System since then. Having only worked in this field for a short time, I have made a lot of friends and met some incredible people.

Contributions if elected: I am currently enrolled in the ASET/ABRET Leadership Academy and look forward to contributing to the growth of our profession on a state and national level.

James Watt, BS, CNIM, R. EP T.

ELECTION BALLOT(click to download/print)