Elections 2016


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Board Member Nominees – 2017-2018 (2-yr term)

wp_20161021_16_19_45_pro Marwan “Rony” Aouad –  re-election

  • Skills and Expertise: Experience in doing routine, continuous, & ambulatory EEGs. Have served on the MSET Board for past three years.
  • Contributions you’d like to make if elected: Assist with conference planning and serve on a committee.
Beata Czekaj, CNCT – re-election

  • Skills and Expertise: Five years working in neurodiagnostic field, currently at University of Michigan. Experience in multiple areas of testing including nerve conduction studies, EEG, evoked potentials, transcranial Doppler, VEG, and epilepsy monitoring.
  • Contributions you’d like to make if elected: Help to promote MSET through Facebook to enable others to interact and ask questions through social media. Assist with conference planning activities.
 Mallory Schmidt, BS, R. EEG T.

  • Skills and Expertise: 10 years of clinical healthcare experience, 3 years in neurodiagnostics. Transitioning through multiple job roles within the same organization has allowed me to develop a comprehensive perspective of how roles, policies, and processes combine to create a healthy entity. I have developed training classes, am a preceptor for new staff, and created a journal club at my workplace to keep abreast of current developments and research in neurodiagnostics.
  • Contributions you’d like to make if elected: I’m invested in long term development of the neurodiagnostic field. Am interested in chairing a committee, exploring the opportunity for MSET to become a chapter, will advocate for licensure, and promote MSET through social media.
 Bina Vashee, R. EEG T.

  • Skills and Expertise: My experience includes routine, continuous, & ambulatory EEGs. I’ve worked with both pediatric and adults patients and have seen a variety of interesting cases including CJD, cardiac arrest, PLEDs, and hypothermia. I want to share with others the knowledge I’ve gained over the years from my interaction with doctors and other EEG techs.
  • Contributions you’d like to make if elected: Mentor new techs and help them to pass board exam. I have good listening skills and am very patient. I want to help grow MSET and reach out to new technologists and also improve my own skills and knowledge in doing so.


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